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Tiger's Stare
6 April 2010

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A Family Affair
2 February 2010

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Pink Sky (Series 7)
25 January 2010

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Inukshuk (Series 6)
21 January 2010

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Horseshoe Bay (Series 3)
10 January 2010

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Stepping Stones
2 January 2010

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Designer City
18 December 2009

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Sweet Ride
13 December 2009

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Halloween Night
30 October 2009

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20 September 2009

Recent Comments

pedro alexandre on Pink Sky (Series 7)
love the magenta tones.

Amerlina on Stairway to Heaven
dreamlike world!!!

mauro on Tiger's Stare
great i like grane and lights!!

mark on Tiger's Stare
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

Zupertelic on Pink Sky (Series 7)
I love it are you gone?

chiqui on Tiger's Stare
Good composition.

Biopicsels on Tiger's Stare
Welcome back animal!

AnneCphotography on Tiger's Stare
what a picture !!!!! An totally perfect shot !!!!

Rina on Tiger's Stare
rawr! nice shot! :)

foad on Sweet Ride
nice shot

☾éline on Tiger's Stare
Powerful image !

Olivier on Tiger's Stare
eye of the tiger but it's not an italian stallion...

k@ on Tiger's Stare
Wonderful blur !

Julie on Tiger's Stare
What a comeback shot! Just awesome! Welcome back, and hope you had a wonderful Easter also!

VEERLE TIJTGAT on Vancouver Alley (Series 4)
loving this one, the toning is great

Céline on A Family Affair
Cute image !

DaveB on A Family Affair
Lovely atmosphere in this one

lux on Pink Sky (Series 7)
This is almost too much. I want to be there!!!

lux on A Family Affair

Julie on A Family Affair
The xmas lights and shadows caught my eye! Very nice!

Biopic on A Family Affair
great lightning!

6ft5 on A Family Affair
The play of shadows is great!

bekkah on A Family Affair
a beautiful image with wonderful words to go along with it :)

john4jack on A Family Affair
Superb capture!

Florence on A Family Affair
A nice family shot. I love the lights at Christmas time.

Jean-Michel on Stepping Stones
Very beautiful perspective and colors of autumn.

Jean-Michel on One Fine Day in Grandville Island (Series 2)
It's an amazing hdr. It seems straight out of a cartoon

Jean-Michel on Vancouver Alley (Series 4)
Très belle perspective.

Jean-Michel on One Fine Night in Vancouver (Series 5)
Nice night shot.

Jean-Michel on Inukshuk (Series 6)
Very impressive. Have a nice day.

Jean-Michel on Pink Sky (Series 7)
Great shot. Have a nice day.

Jean-Michel on A Family Affair
We have here nice tones of colors. Congratulation.

asphaltfee on Pink Sky (Series 7)
wonderful scenery, lighting, composition and colours. gorgeous shot. I would love to be there!

Anne on Bus Ride
an amazing shot !!! It's seems to me being in Batman city :D !!!

john4jack on Pink Sky (Series 7)
Fabulous colors. Excellent foreground.

Levi Cusio on Pink Sky (Series 7)
thank you all for the beautiful encouraging feedbacks. appreciate them. Happy shooting!

Fred on Pink Sky (Series 7)
I love the pinkish tone. Very sunset setting! Nice shot!

Evelyne Dubos on Pink Sky (Series 7)
Lovely pink tonality. Lights of the city and their reflections make a great contrast.

bekkah on Pink Sky (Series 7)
gorgeous color!

Céline on Pink Sky (Series 7)
Very beautiful !

bluechameleon on Pink Sky (Series 7)
This is beautiful Levi. The colours give it such a surreal if the city itself is holding it's breath.

alex centrella on Pink Sky (Series 7)
cool colors !

Bloodyred on Pink Sky (Series 7)
pinkish! nice shot! ^^

Curly on Pink Sky (Series 7)
It certainly has some awesome colouring.

тǿм_* on Pink Sky (Series 7)
i love the colours of this shot and the reflect too. Nice shot =)

john4jack on Pink Sky (Series 7)
Fabulous photograph. Gorgeous color. Bravo.

Biopic on Pink Sky (Series 7)
The typical & perfect dragonzoul picture! like a fairy tail setting!

Self-Indulgence on Pink Sky (Series 7)
Absolutely amazing!!!

Raul on Pink Sky (Series 7)
Nice warm colors... great night shot!

Anne on Pink Sky (Series 7)
Hello ! I was sure you had post this photo before but with other colors !!! I like this pink atmosphere !!!! Great work ...

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